Bruce Leiter

About Me: 

I am a retired CRC pastor who was an English teacher with an English Master's and a sales manager, while running away from God's call ot be a pastor. During my last year of teaching, our son Keith died from leukemia, a very traumatic event that God used to re-direct our lives toward seminary and 27 years in the ministry in seven CRC churches. In 2008 God guided us into retirement and gave a fourth career writing Christian books, thus combining all of my previous careers into one. My first published book is Doubtbusters! God Is My Shrink!


Watching TV sports and justice dramas, swimming, sitting in a hot-tub, astronomy, meteorology, reading.

  • Hi!  I'm a retired CRC pastor.  I experienced 7 years of depression because of repressed anger and grief about our second boy's death from leukemia.  God's dramatic deliverance from depression is...

  • Hi, you might read and respond to my book, Doubtbusters! God Is My Shrink! which touches on your discussion and provides unusual reasons for the priority of the Bible in looking at God's universe...