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I produce, a ministry dedicated to helping CRCNA churches communicate better. We provide free resources, training, and articles all around the idea of helping churches through marketing, branding, social and web presence, public relations, graphic design, and other communication-related avenues.

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The Best Form of Marketing

Even though we talk a lot about more technologically advanced forms of communication, the best way to get people to attend your next outreach event is still found in one of the most traditional forms: personal invitation.

Church Communications
  • We follow a few general rules:

    1. There is no "reasonable expectation of privacy" in a public setting like a worship service or other church-related event.

    2. If there is a minor...

  • I love that this conversation is happening! I want to quickly add that it's best to know your audience. If your church is much older, typically a bulletin is a great way to communicate (and offer...

  • Hey Arnie, I think you're referring to a Facebook group instead of a page. A page is always going to be forward-facing, anyone can find your page, see your posts, and follow/like your page. A...

  • Sounds like you're being very strategic with your newsletter, which is great! How do you feel like you're nurturing community well by using the newsletter? What can other churches learn from what...

  • Thanks for the feedback Rachael! Do you feel like the reformatted bulletin & newsletter help you communicate more effeciently to your congregation?

  • We read He Reads Truth/She Reads Truth, and they've recently added a Kids Read Truth. Same study, often segmented based on the demographic. We've really enjoyed going through these as husband/wife...

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  • Hey Nicole! Great question. Under CCLI's streaming license, you can record live worship services. The license covers only the music covered by CCLI, so if you do anything other than that (other...

  • Hi Keith,

    I think you hit the nail on the head with contact forms. Making it as easy as possible for the website visitor should be the point of the contact area.

    We don't agree on...

  • Hey Angela. That webinar recording is not available. We're working to make that available for future webinars though!

  • Hey Mark, great question. Church Juice is starting to do regular webinars on a monthly basis. Today is going to be our second one yet, so we're still learning and evaluating software,...