Chris Knowles

About Me: 
I am married to Janette and we have 2 children, Reuben and Hannah. I have been the Director of I.T. at Redeemer University since 1992. I am a musician and play on the Worship Team at Meadowlands Fellowship. I also build and repair Guitars in my spare time.
I started out building and refurbishing furniture, my tastes in furniture design are much higher than my budget so I must make my own! I have played guitar since 1973 and Flute since 1975, so it was only natural to combine my love of the guitar with my love of woodworking and have started a small business in guitar repair. I am proud to say that Jeremy Zyl of "Isobelle Gunn" plays one of my creations. We love camping and have a Taylor Coach "Codester" trailer. Last summer I fulfilled a life long dream and finally got my motorcycle license, and surprise of surprises my lovely wife Janette got hers as well. We now have matching Yamaha Virago's.