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Chris Schoon

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Chris Schoon serves as the Director of Faith Formation Ministries for the CRCNA. Previously, he has served as lead pastor of First Hamilton CRC (Hamilton, ON) and as the Minister of Outreach at Plymouth Heights CRC (Grand Rapids, MI). Chris has aThD in missional theology (Wycliffe College/University of Toronto), out of which came his book Cultivating an Evangelistic Character, which seeks to integrate worship and discipleship within the missional church movement. Along with presenting at conferences and workshops, Chris has taught occasionally at Calvin Theological Seminary and Redeemer University College. In addition to posting on the Network, he contributes reguarly for The Banner and Reformed Worship.  


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Several years back, a middle-aged couple in our church told me: “We’ve been members here for 12 years and we still feel like outsiders.” 

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Listening to the Rocks

I am intrigued by the repetitive act in the Old Testament where God’s people would erect stone monuments. They served as a visual way of reminding themselves (and sometimes future generations) about God’s acts of faithfulness.

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Do We Have to Vacate?

As summer approaches, I've been reflecting on a subtle language shift around summer plans. Can we recover a glimpse of creational goodness by altering our language from summer vacations toward summer "holy-days"?

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25 Years Later: Remembering and Believing

February marks the 25th anniversary of when I started to follow Christ. Though I was raised in a Christian home and my parents afforded me the opportunity to attend Christian schools, I had deliberately walked away from God.

  • Thanks for engaging with us on Sabbath, Larry. Sandy Swartzentruber wrote this particular post reflecting on how Sabbath is a gift of grace that counters the temptations toward knowing everything ...

  • The servant songs are rich texts, aren't they? I've used them in Lent before, but not as a focus during Advent.

    How has your congregation responded to using videos as an introduction to...

  • Thanks, Gary! I've found that occasionally writing a devotional to go along with a sermon series or a liturgical season helps me keep my sermons a bit more focused. I remember that I don't need to...

  • Thank you for drawing attention to the mundane moments, Drew. I've often heard self-control (in the fruit of the Spirit passage) described as being able to resist temptation, which is certainly...

  • Thank you for your comment, Harry. You are right: there are lots of Christian denominations and, at least on the surface, the presence of so many denominations could suggest that unity is next to...

  • Thank you for this reminder about faithfulness, Doug. You are right: We also need to pray that we would be faithful. 

    I fully agree with you that we can and often do idolize unity,...

  • John, I appreciate the idea of finding these celebration moments in worship that allow for testimony. We have a cultural context that thrives on storytelling, which creates a unique opportunity...

    posted on: An Evangelizing Joy
  • John & Joe, I recognize that both of you are expressing concern about my reference to Pope Francis and his recent exhortation. Let me invite you, if you are willing, to give some thought to...

    posted on: An Evangelizing Joy
  • I certainly resonate with this conversation as well. I wonder what role modelling or mentoring plays into the formation of our own pastoral identity. 

    As I've engaged with another pastor in...

  • I think you're onto something, Jon. The rate and volume of change in our cultural milieu ought to encourage us to continually ask questions about what kinds of leadership roles are needed in order...