About Me: 

Thanks for checking out my profile! I am married to Hennie Schoon. We live on the west side of Hamilton, ON, with our four kids and a few pets. (Still not sure how that happened!) I enjoy backyard fires, playing board games, and a good mug of hot chocolate. I am currently serving as the Senior Pastor at First Hamilton CRC, an urban church rooted in the Durand and Kirkendall neighborhoods.  I write frequently - some of which is reflected on my blogs ( and, the Network, and elsewhere online. You can also find me on Twitter & Instagram: @chrisjschoon. Along the way, I've taught mission related courses at Redeemer University College and Calvin Seminary. I have recently completed my ThD in missional theology at Wycliffe College (Toronto), giving attention to the relationships between worship, discipleship, and evangelism in the missional church movement. 


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