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Christopher Hunt

About Me: 

I am the Marketing Communications Manager for ReFrame Media, the English language ministry of Back to God Ministries International. I love to see God transform lives through the gospel. Prior to joining ReFrame I served as a marketing manager at Awana where I believe God taught me the purpose and value of marketing in Christian ministry. To me, marketing is more than a profession; it is a work. I served for 16 years in the U.S. Navy and Navy Reserve. Having earned a B.A. in History at Alma College and a M.A. at Northern Illinois University, I learned marketing in the saddle in business settings. My wife, Sarah, and I have five children and serve as leaders in our church. 


I am particularly interested in children's and family ministry. From the perspective of my own experience, I write about divorce recovery and single parenting. I have an ambition to write science fiction and historical fiction...but life seems always in the way. In my spare time, I enjoy playing board games with friends and kids: the more complicated the better.

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  • Doug, thank you for your thoughts. I agree that as painful as it is, a spouse dying is most likely less destructive than the marriage coming apart by divorce. I'd further add that my experience...