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I grew up in southern Minnesota, a member of Hollandale CRC.  I attended the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, so that I could participate in Air Force ROTC.  I served as an Air Force officer for 6 years.  My last station was in Colorado Springs, CO and we’ve remained here since.  My wife, four boys, and I are members of Cragmor CRC, where I have been active in worship and church leadership (not always as much as I’d like, but sometimes more).

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Does Sin Not Matter Anymore?

What is our music teaching about consequences of sin? Despite their catchy melodies, I’ve never liked these songs because of the way they talk about sin. Sin does matter. I am not flawless. 

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Music Fasting Part II

We felt many members were placing too much emphasis on the style of our music. We needed everyone to focus on the essence of being a church. We saw a music fast as an impactful tool...

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Music Fasting

Last summer, though it wasn’t for Lent, our church gave up something bigger than chocolate; we gave up music. Taking a break from music can help a church reach a deeper understanding of worship.

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Using Obscure Songs

Are there any not-so-well-known songs that you’ve used recently? Making room for good songs that aren’t widely used can be an effective way to add theological breadth and musical diversity.

  • Roger, why do you think I'm suggesting there is "one authentic form of worship"? I never said anything like that in the post. The post is about participation in music, which applies to any worship...

  • Robin, I agree with you that participation and performance are not exclusive. So one can play or sing a song for the congregation without it being a performance, in the entertainment sense. The...

  • Thanks Adom for starting this discussion, and to everyone who has added to it.
    There have been lots of great points made already.

    When considering a new song, (in addition to all the...

  • I think this issue is particularly prominent in so-called "mega" churches.

    Mega-church pastors tend to make a lot of money. And why not? After all, the sheer size of their congregations...

  • Thanks Sam. We are big Crowder fans here; I'll have to check out Audrey Assad.

  • MJill, that's really good advice. We all need to hear it. Thank you.

  • You did a very good job with this answer, Salaam. I'm probably still not going to refer to Muslims as my "cousins" but I don't have a better term either. Thanks for the work and care you put into...

  • Adom, I started writing a comment, but it got so long I decided to create a new blog post on this topic. So for my thoughts on this issue, please see the post here.

  • Thanks for the song ideas, Kevin.

    I, too, am trying to sing each prayer song for a month so the congregation really learns it.
    And, yes, it is always surprising how cyclical tastes are...

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  • Also, "Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me" (BPsH #388) is in neither the GPsH nor LUYH.