Cindy Verbeek

About Me: 

I am the mother of three beautiful, rambunctious children who bless me every day and the wife of a wonderful man. I work for a great organization called A Rocha Canada - Christians in Conservation ( I am a leader at our churches' coffee break ministry and love engaging with the women there and encouraging and inspiring them to grow, learn and be the person God created them to be. I continually fight the battle against depression and over the past five years have found that I am winning more often than not. I care deeply about the people and places around me and do whatever I can to make whatever God places before me an act of worship to my creator. I live in a small town in Northern B.C. which is wonderful and frustrating all at the same time. I have just discovered gardening and am enjoying growing my own food (although this year was terrible for growing). When I am not working, caring for my family or visiting someone I like to spend quiet time making things out of secondary resources (aka garbage).


Creation Care

Crafting with "secondary resources" (aka garbage)

Social Justice

Uganda, Africa

Coffee Break Ministries



Farmer's Markets/Local eating


Helping others deal conquer depression