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Corey Van Huizen

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Husband, Pastor, Water Enthusiast, Amateur Woodworker

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"You're All Caught Up"

I wonder what happen if more people sat in silence and solitude a little more often. What if Jesus’ followers, the Church, led the way in unplugging every now and then? How might it change us?

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  • This week we are starting a 2 part series called "Predicting the Future: No Crystal Ball Required" using Proverbs 6. 

    Then we will be doing a series on Spiritual Gifts called "From...

    posted on: Let's Talk Sermons
  • Hi Staci,

    At our church, our worship experience opens every single Sunday with a welcome that always includes

    "while we love gathering on Sunday mornings to sing, pray and hear from...

  • Thanks for reading Bonnie! 

  • Thanks Bonnie! 

  • Thanks for you comment Jack, it is indeed the first part (and teaser) in a series of posts on prayer that will continue, as I had hoped the last line would make clear - to look for the next post...

    posted on: Prayer: Why Bother