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We’re a CRC committee that cares deeply about the relationships between Indigenous peoples and non-indigenous Canadians. You may have seen the art tour that we organized (reForming Relationships) or experienced the KAIROS Blanket Exercise, one of our favourite tools for reconciliation. We provide lay leadership to the CRC on Indigenous issues in Canada.

The Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee has the specific role of educating and mobilizing CRC members and congregations to live in reconciled relationships as covenant (treaty) people before our Creator with focus on reconciling the relationship between Indigenous people and non-indigenous people in Canada.

We work to raise awareness of the shared history and of the present lived reality of Indigenous people in Canada. In doing so, relationships are built and justice is sought out by advocacy or raising more awareness.

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The Land We Stand On: A Territory Acknowledgement Guide

In 2016, Synod repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery and the concept of ‘terra nullius’ as heresies. What does this mean, why does it matter, and how can we live into this commitment to seek reconciled relationships built on respect between Indigenous peoples and other inhabitants of "Turtle Island"?

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