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2020 Annual Ministry Report

2020 was an unusual year. The 2020 Ministry Report outlines some of the ways ministry has had to be reimagined in the wake of COVID-19 as the CRCNA continued to live out its God-given callings around the world.

CRCNA and Synod
  • I apologize that these were missing.  A jpg file is added now.  Please let me know if you have any problems. 

  • And from Classis Grand Rapids East:

    Your Executive Team met on March 12, 2020 to propose a coordinated response regarding COVID-19. Loving one another includes loving our congregations and...

  • Is your church having services on Sunday?  Classis Grand Rapids North sent this message out to their congregations. 

    Dear Churches and Pastors of Classis GR North:

    Yesterday I...

  • Here is some information from the Canadian Council of Churches as well. 

  • The CRCNA recently published this advice as well. 

  • Hi John. CRC Chaplaincy just posted this resource that might be of use to you and others as you think about how to prepare for and respond to coronavirus in your church community.

  • Hi Harry.  This is Kristen VanderBerg responding from the CRC Communications account.  Thank you for your excitement about this piece. We like it as well. Thank you also for your critical feedback...

  • In addition, there are attendees coming from non CRC churches and international churches. We are excited by all the ministry sharing that will take place! 

  • Thanks for all of the comments on this post.  Since our community guidelines say that comments will avoid arguing back and forth, must contribute something new to the discussion, and will avoid...

  • HI Doug.  That's a good point.  There are multiple ways to respond to injustice and need.  I know that many CRC people and churches have done just what you suggest.  They sponsor refugee families...