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I am the soul pastor at Maranatha Church in Calgary, Alberta. Together we are striving to be Christ's ambassadors in all areas of life working to reconcile all peoples back to God. Our journey has been filled with failures and triumphs, but we are confident that God is among his people and it is for his glory that we strive together.

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Sovereignty Matters

I invited two parishioners to present their opposing views on creational care; one naming the sickness we see in creation and our responsibility care for the earth; the other naming the insignificance of man's contribution to climate change...

Biblical Justice
  • Hi Ron,

    Thanks for this post.

    Every since reading the EFC report from 2012, i can't help but see similarities in the main factors of youth ministry. They said the main factors...

  • Thanks again Mark, and you too Ron,

    currently our Jr. high group is reading the Bible together out loud, one verse and paragraph at a time. And we are using about ten different translations...

  • Hello Mark,

    thanks for posting this article.

    Ron De Vries, you indicate that you have done this with some youth in the past.

    Can either of you, or others, suggest particular...

  • Sorry for the fuzziness of my post.

    the two opposing arguments were ... One stood for man's culpability and responsibility for the groaning we see in creation, and the Other stood for God's...

    posted on: Sovereignty Matters
  • Sorry Scott, I can't help but query...

    "God's favourite way of nurturing and sustaining (and generating) faith of his people" is preaching?

    i suspect this statement comes from your...

  • Joy, thanks for your post, and thanks for the good article on Communion. It is very thorough and thought provoking, especially on the five senses. Thanks!

  • We celebrated Communion right after I was ordained, and I led Communion for the first time... After it was all done, and back at home, I asked my nephew (whose mother is Catholic) what he thought...

  • Thank you Laura for the spark of creativity!

    While I have used readings, and flipcharts, and videos to prompt discussion in the Profession of Faith Class, I am now inspired to use crayons...

  • Hi Allen, (Dale here)

    Hello Pete, to borrow a phrase - you had me at - It works.

    Please tell me more about successful triads - I am intending to launch such in in the fall.


  • If I read MacDonald's article rightly, then he was making a call for the laity to understand what a preacher is called to do; and a call upon preachers to not allow the lazy ethics of the laity to...

    posted on: A Sober Warning