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Turning the CRC Into an Lgbtq+ Ally

Last Thursday I attended an event at Sherman Street CRC hosted by All One Body. Their goal is to transform the CRC into a denomination that fully accepts and celebrates all aspects of the LGBTQ+ ideology. Here is their strategy.

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Alfie Who?

Bedtime prayers with my 6 and 3-year-old sons had led to a discussion about Alfie Evans, hope, the value of life, and freedom. Afterward, I reflected on the question: What should the CRC as a denomination be speaking out about?

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How Do You Define "Justice"?

I saw the words "justice" and "equality" on the handouts my six-year-old son had brought home from school. He didn't know what "justice" meant. In truth, many grown-ups also have a hard time defining justice.  

Biblical Justice
  • Eric, your point about this already happening is sad but true.

    Perhaps it's time for us to use ARTICLE 30 of our Church Order?

    Article 30 allows for any CRC classis, church council,...

  • Thank you, Sarah Joy, for speaking the truth with power, boldness, and clarity. May God continue to hold you up and guide your path!

  • Especially in the Church, procedural rules are only as good as their ability to guide us to be faithful to Scripture.

    And even worse than "following" man-made technicalities to undermine...

    posted on: The Sin of Process?
  • The only way to end prejudice and racism is for all of us to view each other in the way God views us: as individuals. May we look past the relative brown-ness of each others' skin, and see the...

  • Have any Canadian CRC leaders been asked about giving CRC church or denomination lands back to indigenous peoples? As in, are they willing to do so?

  • Akhtar gets one thing correct:

    "Christians and Muslims are fighting a decisive battle for the true image of humanity."

  • Hi Roger. No worries. I do not take your statement as crass or mean-spirited at all. You simply missed my point. That is my fault for not explaining it well.

    I completely understand that...

  • Eric, thanks for sharing that information. It is fascinating. I had not seen this before, or even heard of Dr. Judith Curry. I don't agree with everything she said there (what human being does...

  • While I agree that with Doug that the BEST course of action would be for the CRC to pull totally and completely out of the global warming debate, until and unless that happens one thing is very...

  • Tom, Chapter 15 ("On Thin Ice") of Katherine Hayhoe's book "A Climate For Change" (again, I'm reading it as part of my involvement in OSJ's Cooler/Smarter series says (page 97):