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Alfie Who?

Bedtime prayers with my 6 and 3-year-old sons had led to a discussion about Alfie Evans, hope, the value of life, and freedom. Afterward, I reflected on the question: What should the CRC as a denomination be speaking out about?

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How Do You Define "Justice"?

I saw the words "justice" and "equality" on the handouts my six-year-old son had brought home from school. He didn't know what "justice" meant. In truth, many grown-ups also have a hard time defining justice.  

Biblical Justice
  • The answers to those questions depend on how you define those terms.

    If we ask clearer questions, perhaps we can arrive at clearer answers...

    Should individual Christians get...

  • Hi Kris. I'm glad to see someone from OSJ participating in the conversation.  You're always welcome to give input!

    Would you say that OSJ's positions on the Farm Bill, DACA, and the Paris...

  • Great question, Jenny. Ecclesiastical issues are those issues that fall objectively within the sphere of church authority and the core doctrines of the Christian church. Thus, a country's...

  • Regarding immigration law:

    I thought you said Jesus supported open borders, correct?

    Or are you arguing from silence, saying that Jesus did not say anything about borders one way or...

  • Thanks for clarifying, Nick.

    Regarding "employees":

    The priesthood of all believers is a crucial aspect of our Reformed faith. Those who are paid for their work by the CRC have no...

  • Yes! Holy cow, thank you. You know me...I'm such an ecumenical guy I can't help but confuse the two words.

  • Nick, thanks for contributing this thought-provoking blog to the discussion.

    If I could summarize:

    - You interpret Scripture and the teachings of Jesus to favor open borders and the...

  • Thanks for your input, Doug!

    I would offer that your #4 falls into my #3.  If government specifically targets the freedom of churches, or tries to impose taxes on them, an overwhelming...

  • There are 3 instances where denominational employees should be allowed to take a particular political position:

    1) Whether Scripture specifically states which position to take (example:...

  • Now I'm the one who is asking, "How could you arrive at your idea from reading the Book of Esther?"

    You say the principles found in Esther "make a good argument for countries to arm...