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Turning the CRC Into an Lgbtq+ Ally

Last Thursday I attended an event at Sherman Street CRC hosted by All One Body. Their goal is to transform the CRC into a denomination that fully accepts and celebrates all aspects of the LGBTQ+ ideology. Here is their strategy.

CRCNA and Synod
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Alfie Who?

Bedtime prayers with my 6 and 3-year-old sons had led to a discussion about Alfie Evans, hope, the value of life, and freedom. Afterward, I reflected on the question: What should the CRC as a denomination be speaking out about?

CRCNA and SynodLet's Talk About...
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How Do You Define "Justice"?

I saw the words "justice" and "equality" on the handouts my six-year-old son had brought home from school. He didn't know what "justice" meant. In truth, many grown-ups also have a hard time defining justice.  

Biblical Justice
  •    Thanks, Wendy, for engaging with me on this matter. I truly believe this type of dialogue is critical when approaching issues like global warming, or the question of good works/preaching the...

  • Hi Wendy,

       Thanks for sharing that important information. It is true that ministry share dollars are not directly transferred into World Renew's bank account. That said, it would not be...

  • Hi World Renew,

       I just went to your website and bought a herd as a donation. (Normally I wouldn't talk about donations publicly, but since the invitation was public, I thought I would do...

  • Nathan G says that "Care for eternal souls is always tied with care for their present state."

    There is the root of the debate. How do we define care?

    Some within the CRC say that "...

  • Amen! One of Satan's age-old tactics (I know, right...who believes in the existence of a literal Satan anymore), is to tempt the church into embracing the falsehood of works-based salvation and...

  • Ken, thanks for the clarification. And more importantly, thanks for engaging in this discussion in a meaningful way. I think it's important for us CRC members to be able to disagree with each...

  • Ken, I think you might be speaking sarcastically. But I agree with you that it would be prudent to expand our definitions of mental illness, in order to include people who randomly murder and...

  • I thought we were talking about RANDOM mass murders...the ones in the headlines recently. The ones that the President was referring to. I didn't think we were talking about mass murderers who are...

  • I should try to get my church to compost. I would take the material myself. I'm always greedy for more organic material for my garden. I compost at home, but my family doesn't generate much on our...

  • Jeremy Oosterhouse makes a very good point. A lack of an official, clinical diagnosis does not necessarily mean all is well.

    Mark, are you saying that people who commit mass murder are...