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Turning the CRC Into an Lgbtq+ Ally

Last Thursday I attended an event at Sherman Street CRC hosted by All One Body. Their goal is to transform the CRC into a denomination that fully accepts and celebrates all aspects of the LGBTQ+ ideology. Here is their strategy.

CRCNA and Synod
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Alfie Who?

Bedtime prayers with my 6 and 3-year-old sons had led to a discussion about Alfie Evans, hope, the value of life, and freedom. Afterward, I reflected on the question: What should the CRC as a denomination be speaking out about?

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How Do You Define "Justice"?

I saw the words "justice" and "equality" on the handouts my six-year-old son had brought home from school. He didn't know what "justice" meant. In truth, many grown-ups also have a hard time defining justice.  

Biblical Justice
  • Daniel Zylstra, you included the word "ALL" in your rebuttal. I did not include that word in my statement of A1B's goals for the CRC. That's a very critical difference.

    My statement of the...

  • Don Baxter5, rather than focusing on your subjective measure of inflammatory, wouldn't it be better to try to figure out whether this account of A1B's goals is accurate?

    If it is accurate,...

  • 2 Timothy 3:16-17: "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every...

  • The answers to those questions depend on how you define those terms.

    If we ask clearer questions, perhaps we can arrive at clearer answers...

    Should individual Christians get...

  • Hi Kris. I'm glad to see someone from OSJ participating in the conversation.  You're always welcome to give input!

    Would you say that OSJ's positions on the Farm Bill, DACA, and the Paris...

  • Great question, Jenny. Ecclesiastical issues are those issues that fall objectively within the sphere of church authority and the core doctrines of the Christian church. Thus, a country's...

  • Regarding immigration law:

    I thought you said Jesus supported open borders, correct?

    Or are you arguing from silence, saying that Jesus did not say anything about borders one way or...

  • Thanks for clarifying, Nick.

    Regarding "employees":

    The priesthood of all believers is a crucial aspect of our Reformed faith. Those who are paid for their work by the CRC have no...

  • Yes! Holy cow, thank you. You know me...I'm such an ecumenical guy I can't help but confuse the two words.

  • Nick, thanks for contributing this thought-provoking blog to the discussion.

    If I could summarize:

    - You interpret Scripture and the teachings of Jesus to favor open borders and the...