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Turning the CRC Into an Lgbtq+ Ally

Last Thursday I attended an event at Sherman Street CRC hosted by All One Body. Their goal is to transform the CRC into a denomination that fully accepts and celebrates all aspects of the LGBTQ+ ideology. Here is their strategy.

CRCNA and Synod
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Alfie Who?

Bedtime prayers with my 6 and 3-year-old sons had led to a discussion about Alfie Evans, hope, the value of life, and freedom. Afterward, I reflected on the question: What should the CRC as a denomination be speaking out about?

CRCNA and SynodLet's Talk About...
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How Do You Define "Justice"?

I saw the words "justice" and "equality" on the handouts my six-year-old son had brought home from school. He didn't know what "justice" meant. In truth, many grown-ups also have a hard time defining justice.  

Biblical Justice
  • Agreed.

    And if a deacon (such as at Neland Ave CRC) promotes the belief that sexual immorality should be affirmed and celebrated within the church, in conflict with our confessions, they...

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  • I am currently serving as a deacon at my local CRC church. Let's say I start sharing my idea that God is going to save ALL human beings, even those who deny Christ. I bring it up at Council...

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  • Indeed. The best way to respond directly to Henry's "challenge" is to reject the premise of his challenge. His premise is that the CRC may not discipline anyone for promoting sinfulness, unless...

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  • What's not clear to me is how the CRC can be "bound by the confessions" as you say, but not bound by the words in the confessions. How do you explain that?

    If I hire you to mow my lawn, and...

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  • It's a matter of ORIGINAL INTENT, right?

    Did the authors of the confessions consider homosexual acts to be unchaste and sexually immoral?

    It seems that Henry's response is "Yes, but...

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  • Hi Bill & Ginny. I am one of the Christians who voted for Trump. If we are going to be a nation of laws, then we must make sure all the election laws were properly followed, correct? From the...

  • Mark, thanks for your response. If I were talking to your friend, I would encourage them to post anyway. Certainly I and many other members of the CRC have not just "felt" a negative spirit from...

  • I am very glad that Mark Stephenson has joined this conversation, as it is very important to have the initiators of this new policy on board to explain it. Thank you, Mark!

    Mark, could you...

  • Thanks, Kristen. And thank you for wading in & taking on all the questions we conservatives have posed. I gather you were not the sole decision-maker in the new policy for The Network, nor...

  • Again, I appreciate your attempts to explain this new policy. It's like the proverbial nail and Jell-O.

    So, white people are allowed to talk about "white privilege" and "systemic racism,"...