Daniel Kruis

About Me: 


I am a former CRC pastor-doing economic development projects in Ethiopia and New Mexico.

I am working on two concepts: "Charitable Investing" --Business Development is the answer to poverty. Relief aid is important to meet immediate needs. Development aid that assists the poor in creating a better quality of life is good stuff. But neither of these are economically transformational. Christians should be encourage to invest 1/2 of their tithe, or 10% of their portfolio in effective business partnerships or impact investment funds that work in emerging economies.

 "Transformational Economics". Which identifies the economic factors that prevent the development of prosperity, and then moves to create businesses/industries that have the potential to radically transform that economy.

I also work bi-vocationally to establish city or region reaching strategies, and I continue to train church leaders in many denominations (which is why I am considered "out of bounds" a PCA term for pastors who are not serving a congregation)

. I have 7 children, and 10 grandchildren, all living in Michigan.


Economic Transformation in regions of poverty.

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