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About Me: 

Now into my second pastorate, but in my 42nd year of life, I have been doing the pastoral ministry thing for just over 7 and a half years now. I've been married for almost 20 years and have three beautiful children who (disobediently) keep growing like weeds. I love God and love His church.

When I first felt the call to head in to pastoral ministry, I initially thought that youth ministry would be the thing: "Then I can start with fresh, young minds and hearts who either don't have a lot of church baggage, or who are more than willing to shed it to try new things." I thought.

But then God said to me, "Dan, you know I love people of all ages, right?"

So I said to myself, "Okay, I'll go in to church planting then. That way I can reach and disciple people of all ages and backgrounds, and we still will hopefully either have people who don't have much church baggage, or who are more than willing to shed it."

And God said to me, "Dan, you know I love people in established churches too, right?"

So I said, "Okay, okay, just not the CRC, okay God?"

And, wouldn't you know it, He said, "Dan, you DO know that I love the CRC too, right?"

And so, what else could I do but fall in love with young and old, of all nationalities and backgrounds, from all kinds of churches (yes, I love those in church plants too) and even CRC's?

Now I've been in love in this way for 8 or nine years and counting... God is good.


I'm interested in a wide variety of things:

Reading fiction (esp. sci-fi) and watching films, reading theology, serving the church, reading comics and graphic novels, listening to Canadian indie music, the occasional website work, computer games, and more. I like doing rennovations (if you ever come our way, you should see some!). And I love playing with and reading to our kids, and spending time with my wife.

I've also discovered, though, that if anything were (God forbid) to happen to my family suddenly, and I were left alone, I'd be very tempted to become a monk and take vows of silence and poverty.

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