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CRC Median Age - 52!

A lot of churches are experiencing a drain of youth from their pews. The median age is 52, and that has gone up by about four years, a reflection of the loss of younger members.

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We have already been discussing some of the matters, including overtures, before Synod over at the CRC-Voices group at Yahoo! Groups, a free, easy-to-use email group service. Click here to join the conversation. 

CRCNA and Synod
  • The Banner has an article on-line about this already


  • Richard Mouw also mentions a similar concern as JKA Smith with this three streams (and Kuyper) approach


  • Thanks for this article.  I think Peacemaker Ministries has good materials to help with such conflicts too


  • Got another idea for you - try something like the RCA does with Synod blogs - help facilitate this


  • Hi Tim

    I appreciated the improvements.  I would like you to keep the daily Synod Notebook on line - so I can look at Wednesday's when it is Thursday, for example.

    Is there a way that...

  • You folks might want to check out this article - which also touches on the Calvin College duo.  Richard Ostling, formerly Time Magazine religion editor, was/is a member of the Ridgewood CRC, New...

    posted on: Genesis - Again!
  • Thanks, Dominee Dan, for your response.  I'll reply more in a moment.  But I think that the following might be on interest:

    Can the Reformed Resurgence Fly in Grand Rapids?


  • Thanks, Jim, for your gracious reply.  Our two messages crossed in cyberspace - while I was finishing up mine - yours must have been travelling through the Network :)

    I have also just read...

  • Dear Hope,

    I didn't mean to add to a feeling of being ostracized or left out.

    This does happen to be a Christian Reformed Network, so I was assuming most of the participants were CRC...

  • Thanks, Jim, for posting this.  But I must say that it is a sad sign of CRC insularity that you didn't know who CJ Mahaney was (or Curtis Allen at this point) - because the CRC is becoming more...