David Hornor

About Me: 

I am the pastor of Peace Community CRC in Houston, Texas. My wife and I have three kids. They have been MK's, TK's, and PK's.

  • We have a sermon-based Small Group ministry we call "Table Fellowship."  Here's a brief video I did for our classis about Table Fellowship: http://youtu.be/UvXfwa_zOO4

  • Hi Rick,

    Great discussion starter question!

    A few years ago a (Reorganized) LDS family joined our church.  In addition to having received the living Christ of Scripture, they also...

  • I'm delighted to hear that some substantial work has already been done in the area of benefits.  That's great.  Thanks for the information. 



  •  Hi, Dave.

    I completely agree that there is something very healthy about being called to service rather than status.  And your focus in lifelong learning is great.  Thank you.