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I currently serve the CRC in the position of "Director of Candidacy". In this position I coordinate the pastoral ordination processes, and help give direction to the discussions we are having as a denomination regarding pastoral ordination. I've been an ordained CRC pastor since 1981, serving most recently (1994-2008) at the Anaheim CRC in southern California. I love the sunshine, and the cultural/ethnic diversity that so Cal has to offer, and I hope I can be a proponant of both in the CRC. :) 

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Mentor Resourcing Gathering

The Candidacy Committee is sponsoring the "Mentor Resourcing Gathering" on Wednesday, October 31 from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. at the denominational building in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is an event to encourage and orient all those who are working with the CRC candidacy process.

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Praying at Midnight

“Why am I going to bed at 10:30 p.m. only to get up at 11:45 p.m. for a two-hour time of prayer?” These were my thoughts as I joined six of my friends in getting into our sleeping bags on a hard church basement floor.

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Commissioned Pastors: A Rose By Another Name?

Does “a rose by any other name” sound as sweet? Synod 2012 agreed with the Candidacy Committee that there is a more fitting name for those ordained via Article 23 of the CRC Church Order. The office formerly known as “ministry associate” is now known as “commissioned pastor”.

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Life in the Candidate Waiting Room

It’s time we talked about one of the most agonizing experiences of preparing for ministry: that of waiting for a call. Seminary graduates who are declared by synod as candidates for ministry enter into a period of searching, researching, and waiting. For a number of years they have been dreaming of serving

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Pastor Rodney Dangerfield

As one delegate at Synod 2008 stated, in comparing ministry associates with ministers of the Word, they are “equal in function, but differ in honor”. What does this mean for the church today, in particular, with regard to the office of ministry associates? Allow me to make a few propositions that invite reaction.

  • Good post -- good article!  Very helpful.

    You may also want to review the 2019 Agenda for Synod (or 2019 Acts of Synod) where you will find similar advice presented by the Candidacy...

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  • The issue of how to work with a pastor regarding standardizing "office hours" at church is indeed complex. Because of the options provided by cell phones, and because of the nature of ministry...

  • Sorry to be late to the party -- this is a conversation I am living into with regularity in my role as coordinator of the ordination processes for the CRC.

    Church Order Article 7 has been...

  • Rod and John,

    There is something in me that is adverse to this network format:  I don't want to sound argumentative, because indeed I have had many a warm personal discussion on these...

  • Rod and John, I appreciate your contributions to this discussion.  Allow me to offer a bit of response...  

    Rod, in your recent comments you say, "    There have to be low cost delivery...

  • fpackwood,

    I'll throw in a comment or two here:  In my task at the denominational candidacy committee office I end up giving direction to many regarding the office of Ministry Associate. ...

  • Thanks Dave for your quick input.  I'm hoping we can get a good conversation going here.

    As you invite my input re "honor" for ministry associates via benefits and pension, the truth is...

  • Ron,

    If you feel like you're talking to the air, take heart -- I'm not the wind speaking, but I'm eager to see your ministry to KM and EM prosper.   As a "Korean wannabee" I'll keep you and...

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  • Steve,

    You raise an issue worthy of discussion -- and the good news is that discussion is happening.

    In part, the area of "training and preparing" Ministry Associates has been and...

  • Hi gang! In thought I'd enter the brave new network world and check out the network conversations. This Ministry Associate page is one I'm very interested in, and I'm hoping it will help build...