David Oosterhouse

About Me: 

Live in Berrien Springs, MI.  Married for 25 years to Flora Gutierrez Oosterhouse.  We met at Calvin College.  We attend the CRC of St. Joseph MI.  We are involved in the Mission Committee and have participated in 7 short term mission trips to the Dominican Republic.  We enjoy serving and worshipping with our brothers and sisters in the DR.

We have one son, who is currently serving his country in the United States Marine Corp.

I am a Cadet Councelor who had a great time participating in the 2011 International Camporee.


Hunting, fishing, computer work.  I am the web master for Bend of the River Conservation Club.  I enjoy doing video recording and work on my computer at home.

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Short Termers, Think Long Term

I want to encourage short term mission trip planners/participants to think long term commitment. We have talked with Steve Brauning about the "commando" mission trips, where a team drops in, does the work and disappears, never to be seen or heard from again... 

Global Mission
  • "Given all the evidence against, why do you think many people cling to the idea that mental illness is the primary cause of violent acts?"

    Because it is an easy and the government is lazy...

  • The Twitter statement that brought me to read this article states - "There’s no doubt everyone accused of being greedy is in fact so,...".  REALLY!?!

  • Thanks for your leadership Steve.

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  • Thank you!

  • I was unable to participate in the original webinar.  Is is possible to request the materials that were discussed?  Thank you.



    First I want to thank you for your 35 years of service; I hope you are enjoying “retirement”. My father was a church planter in Ionia and a home missionary in downtown GR, I...

  • As an addition to the post, I want to thank our many supporters that have made these trips possible.  Our church, our families and our community have given generously to allow us to make these...

  • Thanks to the leadership and encouragement of our worship leader Pam Rock and pastor John DeVries, the Mission Committee is recording Skype calls with our missionaries.  The recorded call is...

  • We have purchased the "Plugged-in to Missions:..." dvd set.  I have had a chance to view the dvd on Haiti and look at the Additional Resources cd.  I am very excited about using the set as the...

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  • The 2011-2012 resource sheet has the "Plugged-in to Missions: ..." dvd set available for $49.99.  But the Faith Alive online store has it listed for $75.  Is this an error on the resource sheet or...

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