David Teitsma

About Me: 

I was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI. Growing up I attended Shawnee Park CRC, where I participated in the fellowship committee, youth group, and several trips to Philadelphia as a mission trip. I attended Calvin College where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. I helped lead mission trips to paint and restore homes in Red Lake, Minnesota for a summer through Youthworks. A semester in Honduras allowed me to see first hand what I was learning at Calvin by living with a Honduran family and taking several class trips throughout the country. Since college I have been the Technology Coordinator at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in Grand Rapids.

While I enjoy using technology, I also enjoy being disconnected. My hobbies include hiking, backpacking, photography, running, swimming, and cycling, all of which draw me outside to delight in the beauty of Creation. In fact, I got the chance to spend the summer of 2008 cycling across the continent in the CRC bike tour, Sea to Sea. This not only allowed me to feed my passion for cycling, but my passion to help make a dent in the poverty of developing countries.

The first website I created was for a high school English class on the Contemporaries of Shakespeare. Since then I have developed websites for several businesses and I also maintain my own site. My current job job during the day enables me to not only help develop sites, but also focus on design and marketing materials.

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