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CRC for 78years Married with 4 children 10 Grandkids & 3 GREAT grandkids Former Mayor of Palos Heights, IL. Recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award I still ride my horse every week!


Family, Church, Muslims, American Indians, Politics!

  • Angie...........just some words from a friend in Illinois. I was ony 1 year old when my 10 year old brother fell from a tree and died a week later. I was only 2, when my 4 day-old brother died...

  • Andrew MacLeod, Andrew...I was a friend to Angus and Peg MacLeod. I met Farquar while we were at Mac's house in Evergreen Park Il. In fact their father was also there. Where does Andrew fit into...

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          Stay Strong David ! Muslims are my friends also !....Dean Koldenhoven Palos Heights, IL


       Mark...........Thank You ! There are some Muslim friends I got to know back in 2000, who know the Aramaic language. [the language Jesus spoke.] I would ask them to speak it, and they...


       The churches and its people better keep on trying to help the physically and mentally challenged people everywhere, because the President -elect Donald Trump openly mocked a...


    In reply to Bonnie Nicholas about the word "rape" stating the " all rape is criminal." I talked with the Deputy Chief of my City and asked him about the correct wording for "rape." Being...


      For what it is worth.............I was fortunate enough to have friends who could openly discuss "abortion." In those discussions I gave an example of ..."What would you do ?"



    Headline for Banner..........Gay people were born that way, it is just a matter of time when they "come out" to confess it.

    Jesus loves ALL his children!

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