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Del VanDenBerg

About Me: 

Once known on this esteemed web-place as "dutchoven" or more recently "montana dutchoven,"  I actually live in Montana.

Dutchoven? Well because I love to cook and teach others to cook in dutchoven "camp stoves;" and perhaps because to my knowledge I am the only person in the world to make a "choice" to be "dutch"- that being the case I am still "half-baked and in the oven yet."

Being a convert to "reformed thinking" (baptized into the church at age 8) I have for the past 55 years found a home in this church- riding the high edge of every changing wave, waxing my board so I can cut through the "foam" and "hang 10" no matter what any decision of Synod brings!

With an equally wonderful gal that shares my love of adventure and life, with children who have now given me the cutest grandchildren in the world...I am blessed:-)


Church Order, the Heidelberg Cat., and all that is CRCNA

Recent Comments:
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