About Me: 

My husband and I are Resident Managers of an All Age Mobilehome Park in San Marcos, CA. When we were transferred from Northern CA to this park we did not know if this was the park that John and I first met in. And guess what? We moved in on a Saturday and on Sunday took our first drive through the park and on top of the hill was the homesite John and I first started dating and that was 31 years ago. God brings into our lives such amazing adventures and we are so blessed. Have three beautiful grown children, 5 grandchildren and so many friends. We have moved my mom to live with us and she is so happy joining her friends from the past and catching up on the many years they were apart and living different lives.
I have two of the cutest puppies Pip and Tanner and we call them our 4 year old twin sons. They are the most lovable pets and truely they do not really know if they are dogs or humans.
We Thankful, Healthy and greatful to be living in a world that we can celebrate our religion and faith.


Reading, Walking, Going to the Beach. Spending time with my family.