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Program Coordinator for Worship Ministries of the CRC

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"I Love You, Jesus"

Kathy took great care in telling her Story Hour children that Bible stories are true. She wasn't sure, however, what impression she was making. But one day a mother of one of Kathy's three-year-olds shared a story from home. 

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  • Worship-full, connecting, fun!

  • You have spoken so clearly on something so important, Sarah Joy. Thank you!

  • As Kingfishers Catch Fire: A Conversation on the Ways of God Formed by the Words of God, by Eugene Peterson. This is a collection of sermons by one of my favorite Christian preachers/authors (who...

  • Thank you, Michele. This is good information. Thank God for supportive families. I'm grateful that you've shared this so that our church families can also know how to be more supportive.

  • This was just posted this week - check out this new approach to dinner and church.

  • The CRC people are very mission-minded and compassionate and I believe we truly want to help in tangible ways.  I can imagine my church being able to even sponsor or adopt several families because...

  • I agree with most everything said here. And yes, Kristen, this whole thing must look so ridiculous and sad from your perspective there in Canada. I think you're right that we are for immigration...

  • I, too, love memorizing scripture and don't do it enough. Quite awhile ago I attended a course taught by Ray VanderLaan and we were given fairly large portions of scripture to memorize each week....

  • Beautiful! Thank you, Ken.

  • Thanks for this, Kevin. It rings so true, and I appreciate your wisdom. So much healing is needed, and it's important for us as worship leaders to realize that every minute of the service can...

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