Diane Plug

About Me: 

I make my home in Sarnia, Ontario. First CRC is my faith community. I am pleased to be in a stage of life when I can serve as a volunteer for the communities.


    Norman, I full support the full inclusion of deacons at all assemblies.  We work together in God's kingdom and we need to share information, encourage one another, and partner together. ...

  • Neil, I would like to suggest that a minister of the church does not have to lead the memorial service.  In my own case, my immediate family members have absolutely no connections to the pastor of...

  • I am not sure if we can continue this discussion a bit further.  I just came across the posts, and found them very timely.  I serve on a board in  Ontario called "Community Living."  We operate a...

  • Mark, thanks for sharing.  My prayers for you as you experience this immense loss in your life.

    Diane Plug in Sarnia


  • Thank you Wendy for your response.  This year we will have communion on Good Friday... next year Easter!!  We will continue the discussion in our worship team. Diane Plug