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I am the Worship Coordinator for a mid-sized church in the south suburban Chicago area. We currently have 1 Sunday morning service--it is a blended service with some organ, some piano, and some praise team.  My challenge is to find music each week that fits the theme of the services, in all styles. This is a challenge I love, though. The words to songs are just as important to me as the music--sometimes more important. They must be easy enough to sing, but deep enough to cause one to think. My favorites lately have been by Keith and Kristyn Getty, Stuart Townend, and Sovereign Grace Ministries. My passion is to bring people each week to see Christ and grow in a deeper relationship with him. I am married to Ed for 32 years, and have three wonderful children, two of whom are married, and the third is single. We also have 2 wonderful grandsons who are the joy of our lives. All of them love the Lord, and that is the most precious gift a parent can receive. To God be the glory!


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Communal Visual Arts project

We are beginning discussions about creating a communal art project with the purpose of creating unity within our church. Does anyone have ideas that they have tried? We're thinking along the lines of a wall hanging, but we're open to any ideas at this point. Thanks!
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  • Hi all! I'm a Worship Coordinator -- so my job includes planning worship (all aspects, not just music, but liturgy as well).  I'm also one of 2 organists for our church, a pianist, violinist (when...

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  • Worship Coordinator


  • Options for Contemporary settings--check out Wendell Kimbrough at  He makes a free digital copy of the songbook available. He writes specifically for...

  • This is great!  One more note that goes with #7:  Not only do we tell them that we love them, but we also ask them if they want hugs. Many of our women are older and are living alone. They mention...

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  • Here is a service we have done in the past. We have used this basic form for the past several years, with some minor changes. One of the things we often do is to give nametags to the people who...

  • Thank you for posting this! We do a Blue Christmas service annually, and those who attend are always so appreciative.  These resources are helpful to give us some new ideas.  Thanks!