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Disability Concerns seeks to bring about the full participation of all people with disabilities in the life of the church and the full participation of the church in the lives of people with disabilities. The Disability Concerns ministries of the Christian Reformed Church in North America and the Reformed Church in America collaborate on the resources in these pages, as well volunteer engagement, training events, resource creation, and other means to support churches in their ministry.


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The Vos Family in a greenhouse among poinsettias.
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The Perfect Match

The adoption agency director calmly said amid our excitement, “Just wait, Anna. They think that he might have Down syndrome.” Nonchalantly, I replied, “Oh, Ok.” He kindly encouraged us to take the weekend to think about and pray about our decision.

Disability Concerns
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Life, Life, and More Life

I was almost born. Actually, I was five months old and in my mother’s tummy. My mother had a test done and when the results came in, a nurse called the house and asked my parents, “So, when will you terminate this pregnancy?”

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Super Size It!

Whenever we set up church, we need to have on hand a few large print bulletins, song sheets, outlines, scripture portions, etc., along with the standard 12-point font copies. But that is not the limit. 

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장애물 헐기 - 2019 봄

정신건강과 영성훈련: 글쓴이들은 사람들이 자기 자신이나 주변의 가까운 사랑하는 사람의 정신적 질병이 정신건강, 헌신하는 삶, 개인 제자도의 리듬이 만나는 지점인 신앙과 영성훈련의 측면에 어떤 영향을 주었는지 보여줍니다. 


Disability Concerns
  • Christina, yes, this is another aspect of universal design. Captioning videos benefits everyone. Thanks! 

  • Syd, Thanks for these wise words. Marriages of pastor and spouse also face severe stress when the pastor experiences a mental health crisis. Unlike a physical illness, this form of illness often...

  • Welcome Miriam! I'm looking forward to your being part of a large team of disability advocates in the CRC and RCA (and far beyond our two denominations) doing this important work.

  • Hi Valerie, thanks so much for your question, and for the interest you and your congregation have in providing a wide welcome to people.  I've heard of other churches also putting icons in their...

  • Thanks Robert. I know how challenging life can become for some caregivers. Communities of faith can show love in powerful ways to them through the simple (though not always easy) gifts of time and...

  • Trudy, yes! I just love the line: "The pew is waiting for its favourite words it cherishes the most, the words it was made for." It reminds me of John Milton's lovely Sonnet 19 in which he...

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  • Thanks Worship Ministries and Bryan for the good advice.

    Bryan, what do you do to "be as interactive as possible"?

  • This article from the Harvard Business Review (Dec. 27, 2017) makes the same case for the value of work force diversity: The Case for Improving Work for People with Disabilities Goes Way Beyond...

  • Thanks Ken. Yes, like Barb Newman likes to say, we're all like green and pink puzzle pieces. Every one of us has things we're good at and things we are not good at, and those things differ with...

  • Jenny, thanks for the question. We'll get the info to you privately. Mark