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Worship Banners

Our church is currently using banners in our worship service that are 20+ years old! They were so well made that they just keep on going! We'd like to switch things up a bit and were wondering if there are any churches out there who would be willing to swap banners.

  • What a thought provoking article John. Thanks for taking the time to research and write this so that others can be touched by the witness of those that you have interviewed. I do see God working...

  • Thanks for introducing this topic. These questions have come up many times with our Canadian churches that are using The Bridge App. A good number of them have embraced the app as a definite...

  • The CRC churches in Canada are using The Bridge App . This app is designed to have "Prayers" as one of its features. Various church staff have the ability to post prayers on the app. Depending on...

  • You are correct in noting the importance of privacy for personal information.

    The Bridge App, by design, supports this perspective. When a church signs up for The Bridge App, as your church...

  • Thanks for sharing this story Trudy. I too had a lump in my throat as you and Kendell were holding hands walking towards Jesus!

  • "Thy will be done" (I know that is four)!  I hear these thoughtful words in this new song.

  • I've recently been enjoyed the song by Jonny Diaz entitled "Just Breathe". (You can find the video by clicking here). At first I wanted to turn it off because the beat was soooo busy and I just...

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  • For those of you in the back pews ... could you wake up and pay attention!

  • Thanks so much for sharing the story of your mom Rod. It resonates with what a few of my friends and family are experiencing. May  God give us the grace and patience to walk alongside our aging...

  • Hi.  I'd love to win the gift certificate (but most of all the mug!) I'm looking forward to buying the latest Charles Martin novel.


    Keep up the good work that you do for us!