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Doug Vande Griend

About Me: 

Grew up in NW Iowa.  Graduated from Dordt College in 1976, majoring in philosophy and history.  Graduated from Willamette University College of Law in 1979, and have been in private practice since. (Also a programmer and started software company for attorneys).

Went to Synod in 1992, on committee tasked with overtures re ratifying or not ratifying removal of word "male" as qualification for ordination.  Pretty much disagreed with everyone on the committee as to what was most important.  Hate needless division in the church.  First delegate to synod with a computer on the floor (1992, red gas plasma screen Toshiba--a bit noisy--, with hypertext versions of all creeds and confessions, the Bible and all overtures assigned to committee).

Have been significantly involved over the years with Christian Legal Society, Alliance Defense Fund, Western Center for Law & Religious Freedom, Oregon Right to Life, Dordt College (as Trustee), local Christian high school (as Trustee, baseball coach, other), local church, local Little League and American Legion baseball, Salem downtown association, neighborhood association.  Current volunteer caretaker for neighborhood park (and so owner of a really nice Kubota Tractor and various implements).  Live on the Hispanic, less affluent, side of town--by choice.

Have been exposed to a goodly number of other Christian traditions and believe the CRC has incredible strengths but also great weaknesses.

Four sons, youngest now in college, and so these days fill the house with three international students (Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese) from the local Christian high school.

Life's academic emphasis: political/social philosophy.  Kuyper/Dooyeweerd fan, but also John Locke (recognized sphere soveriegnty before Kuyper was born; core thought resulting in US political liberty).  Own hard bound copy of New Critique of Theoretical thought.

Big fan of Micah 6:8, but perturbed about "doing justice" and "loving mercy" being reduced by many to "doing and claiming justice."


See my "About me."