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Media Workshop

Many of us are looking to increase the use of multi-media tools and technology to enhance and make our worship more inspirational. One of the tools that most of us use is Microsoft's PowerPoint, or something like it. Has someone put together their own media workshop that they would be willing to share?

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Were can I find guidelines and procedures for streaming worship services?

There is a fair amount of material on the web for streaming a worship service. Besides doing a podcast for those who want to listen anytime, we have set a goal for ourselves to be able to audio stream, and possibly video stream the service. I would appreciate some suggestions, guidelines, and/or a procedure on how to set this up. D. Klein
Church Communications
  • We have one paid Zoom account that we successfully used this week for a virtual Council meeting.  The paid Zoom account allowed us to go beyond the 40 minute limitation of the free account.  We...

  • Hello!

  • We have a fairly active Facebook page, and can be found at;

  • Understanding who your intended audience is to be will help determine what your web site should contain.  Our focus has been to provide information to both the congregation and community.  Based...

    posted on: New Church Website?
  • Thanks.  I'll take a look.  I know we are still using a more manual method.  I could send you a screen shot or two of the reports I had been generating, as well as the fields we have found need to...

  • Once a year the denomination sends out a questionaire\survey that your clerk of records typically fills out.  This would include things like births, baptisms, deaths, marriages, etc..  We record...

  • Our church doesn't currently have a Facebook page, but the Senior High Youth Group does (  I'd like to know what folks would like to see their...

  • Andrew,

    Thanks for the posting on this.  I started testing this out.  I was able to import my old database without too much trouble.  This is still geared more towards a web admin with SQL...

  • From the perspective of church governance, I would suggest taking a look at our church order.  There are a number of articles that talk about the duties of the minister, as well as the elders and...

  • James, I signed up for and now have a SalesForce account.  It took a while, but I was able to import my Access database up to SalesForce.  My biggest challenge since then is trying to create a...