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Life long member of the CRC. Sheboygan, WI, Cedar Falls, IA, Wheaton, IL


Grand Kids, Gardening, Fishing and Santa Fe Railroad

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Strategic Planning for Growth

Apparently we are launching an effort based on five streams to slow the rate of attrition within the denomination. And apparently we have asked agency heads and pastors to spearhead the effort. I appreciate the good intentions, but really, how many of them have the necessary skill sets and experiences? 

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Climate Change - Wither Now?

Does the Creation Stewardship Task Force need to submit a new report abandoning CO2 reduction and instead advocating building higher dykes in Holland, Bangladesh and New Orleans that we can vote on next year?

CRCNA and Synod
  • It is both the what and the how.

    Yellowbox church in Naperville, Il, a thriving new mega church with multiple campuses has such a vital Sunday School curriculum that kids talk to kids at...

  • Thanks, Larry

    Yes, you are overlooking the ones I am referring to. They are the endorsement through the Office of Social Justice and the drumbeat in the Banner of a one sided approach to...

  • Please be a bit careful when you list those things you feel you must preach about, Larry. You see, 81.5% of evangelical Christians who voted, voted for a president who advocates controlling the...

  • Let me suggest three things that we all must do because we believe that scripture teaches caring for refugees.

    1 Recognize that ISIS promised to seed the refugees with hardened terrorists...

  • To address the question in the title, the Christian Reformed Church should not respond at all.

    Individual Christians may respond or not as part of their expression of gratitude, but every...

  • Hi Monica

    I doubt the ability of anyone to differentiate between an “apology” and a “sincere apology”. There is only one who can make that judgement. Something I do not see is the word “...

  • Congratulations on your new role. The issue I would like to see addressed is why leaders of the evangelical community such as Robert Jeffress, Jerry Falwall, Jr and James Dobson are supportive of...

  • Hell, Fire and Brimstone

  • Babes in Christ.

  • Over the past three years, we have used this item as a time for members to recognize fellow officers for exceptional service within the fellowship. Ending the quarterly meeting with a series of...