Edward Laarman

About Me: 

Hi! I’m Pastor Ed.
I became the director of Geneva Campus Ministry in 2005. My able predecessor, Jason Chen, served from 1971—2004.
I love working in the stimulating environment of the University of Iowa!

A bit about my background:

I was raised in Michigan and attended Calvin College during the tumultuous sixties. It was there, after a period of
intense doubt and struggle, that I realized I simply could not live without God. After graduating in 1970, I worked as a social worker for four years. I then attended Calvin Theological Seminary. Next, it was on to Notre Dame, from which I
received a Ph.D. in Theological Ethics. After three years of college teaching, I became an ordained pastor in the Christian Reformed Church. From 1985—2005 I served churches in Michigan and Wisconsin.

On the home front, Joan De Jonge and I were married in 1971. We have two grown sons, and one little grandson. Joan is a retired social worker with an M.S.W. degree, and my partner in ministry as well as in life.

Joan and I both look forward to getting to know you!

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