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My name is Eric and my identity is found in Jesus Christ alone. He has blessed me with an amazing wife and four children. I'm a native of Florida but have been serving in California since 2013 as Director of Worship at First CRC, Ripon.  While I love music and songwriting, my education is in theology. I'm also currently working on my certification as a Biblical Counselor and pray that God will continue to use me however he sees fit to build up his church.

A recent passion of mine has been in writting Scripture Songs using the ESV Bible verbatim. I hope that the songs I write from God's Word can be used to help children and adults to treasure God's Word and to make melody in their hearts.


Theology, Biblical Counseling, Song Writing, Music

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A Modern Hymn for a Timeless Reformation

I pray you enjoy this song I wrote for the Reformation and that you celebrate well this October. More importantly, I hope that you treasure (and lead others to treasure) the beauty of Christ and what he has done for us. 

  • I did a simple resource search on ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) website and they had many helpful articles and resources. There are also other Biblical Counseling...

  • I would highly recommend the books "The Gospel in Color." I am working through these with my kids and they have a book for parents and a book for kids to read through with the parents. The beauty...

  • But please... avoid using language like "faith of our fathers"... I mean, it's 2019, how archaic of you! (said of course with tongue also firmly in cheek)

  • That was a "refreshing" read Kate. Thank you for sharing and keep up the writing... you have a gift.

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  • Thanks Staci. That would have been my other question... if it had multiple admin who post, much like this blog or church twitter accts. Thanks

  • I would suggest using financial support in a much different way that will be theologically/philosophically different BUT will also be more long-term, sustainable and bear great fruit for the...

  • Thanks Staci. Question: who is the individual (admin) who actually posts the tweets for "The Banner?" Thanks!

  • I would highly caution you of using anything written by Peter Enns. You can do your own research on his theology, but with as many as great resources that are available now a days, I would give a...

  • I second the Sproul book, "Chosen By God." Fantastic book. Certain doctrines can be horrifying in one sense, but really only when we view it from our sinful perspective. In the other sense, after...

  • This is more on the musical side of things, as that is kind of what I do. Not sure how it can be used within a service, but you are more than welcome to use it and share it as you see fit. I...