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Erin Knight

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A Deacon's Experience

As part of our mission to inspire deacons in the work that they do, we want to share various deacons' experiences. Today we'd like you to meet Mrs. Rene Wall from John Calvin CRC in Truro, Nova Scotia. 

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  • Hi Staci! I am pretty cheesy when I do volunteer gifts. I love giving things with a cute 'pun' attached. One year I gave artisan soup packages made from a lovely company out West who hires people...

  • Hi Rick, the DoJustice site has a variety of topics, including Economic Justice. I hope you find this helpful.

  • This article is great Anita! I would echo pretty much everything you said here. I attended my first (and only to date) Pow Wow 2 years ago. It was an incredible experience for me. While the memory...

  • Hey Ken! Great post! As a communicator and former church administrator, this is something I'm pretty passionate about. When I came on staff in my former church, I assume the church had wanted to...

  • Hi Andy, I'm pretty sure our church has run this before (or we were going to!). You can email [email protected] for more information. She can likely point you in the right direction!

  • Great question! I worked in church ministry for 15 years and have some background on this. My understanding was that this nominal fee was offered to pastors who were part of the Pulpit Supply list...

  • Hello Dan, a wise person once said to me, " The Bible was written FOR you, for TO you". When I reflected on this for a long time (over 2 years!), I understood what he meant. I fear the path that...

  • Wow, this is quite something. I have no idea how you were able to draw this conclusion from reading the book of Esther. 

    When reading it in its entirety, I see in chapter 3 what Haman's...

  • I love the 'monthly book' idea; gives a deadline, which I need desperately when I decide to read something :/

  • Those first 2 are on my list too! I also wanted to go see Wonder with my 2 boys (aged 10 & 12). Thanks Staci!