Frank Engelage

About Me: 

I am married (Nelly) since 82 and we are blessed with 2 children, David and Stephanie. I serve the Bethel CRC Dunnville as Pastor of Congregational Life. Born and raised in Newmarket ON but have lived most of my life in the Niagara area.  


I enjoy most things electronic  (computers etc) and watching Bones or Elementary or the Leafs and Jays. 

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Has the idea of classis staff come and gone?

There was a time when the idea of a "regional ministry" was picking up steam. "We could do more together than we could independantly". Several of our area classes were forming "Classis Ministry Committees" (CMC) and exploring ambitious goals that led to hiring part time staff to facilitate these goals. Recently, I understand that several of these classes no longer employ staff. Im just wondering whether the idea of classes staff has come and gone, what has happened to the idea of regional ministry or has congregationalism won? Frank