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Member of West End CRC in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Have been elder, My wife Jennie has served as a pastoral elder. Serve as executive elder starting in September, 2014, and music and liturgy committee.

Have served as CRWRC Director for the Philippines 1970 - 1974. Worked in Agriculture most of my life, retired from this in 2002. Current work is part time at home as tax preparer, and for H&R Block during tax season. Was congregational CRWM rep for 15 years for our church.

Married, with 3 children, two of whom are married, and have 7 grandchildren. Children are living in Toronto, Ontario (daughter with 2 children plus 2 from spouse's previous marriage), Edmonton, Alberta (son with 3 children), and Edmonton, Alberta (single), respectively.

My wife and I volunteer and educate for the Canadian diabetes Association. We volunteer for various church duties as occasions arise. We are both active in our church choir. I also volunteer for CVITP (Canadian Volunteer Income Tax Program), to prepare free tax returns for low income earners.


Like doing computer work, and exploring new applications. Interested in nutrition, and hold a Masters degree in animal nutrition.

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In my experience as an elder, not many of our members are aware of denominational agencies and activities. I think it may be necessary for someone to visit the churches and/or church meetings such as congregational and classis meetings and talk about The Network.

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    5.5. Music and Liturgy Committee
    November 1, 2006
    A. Mandate
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