Freda Kennedy

About Me: 

I am a member of Fellowship CRC in Brighton, Ontario and have been involved with the Women's Ministry in our church for a number of years in areas such as Discipleship, Coffee Break and Spiritual Friendship and Mentoring.  I am married to a wonderful husband who supports me in my many endeavours and we have 4 beautiful daughters.  In the past number of years I have felt God calling me to grow spiritually and to in turn encourage and help other women to grow in their  relationship with the Lord.  

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Women Reaching Women

I haven’t seen any mention of a Women’s Ministry or women’s perspective in the CRC Network or the Banner, yet more than 50% of the members of the CRC are women. Rarely do I see anything other than Coffee Break in the CRC. This is a wonderful ministry but is that all Women’s Ministry is?

Small Groups
  • That's so exciting that you use listening prayer.  The Heart to Heart Ladies Dinner I attend also used that method of prayer a number of times and it was such a blessing to us as well, even though...

  • What a wonderful idea!  Thanks for sharing your event, Barb.  I love the passage you chose for your brunch.  It gets at the heart of the reason   we need to keep meeting together, that we may...

  • Thanks Sarah for your comments and for providing a link to your blog.  I really could relate to your July post about needing to slow down  and connect with God.  I am first a child of God and then...

  • HI Marian
    It's great to see a forum for Coffee Break! Coffee Break in the town of Brighton is a community oriented bible study, where women at all stages in their faith, from seekers to...