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Gail Gorfe

About Me: 

My name is Gail Gorfe (nee Rietdijk). I was born in the Netherlands and immigrated to Canada with my parents as a child. I grew up in a CRC in Northern Ontario. I moved to Ethiopia in 1995 with my Ethiopian husband and have lived here for most of my adult life. We have raised 4 children here and they are now spread around the world (which is great but difficult)!

I have spent my working life in different careers in administration, specifically looking to use my skills and talents to support development in Ethiopia. For the last five years I have been working in missions (as a Resonate partner) though I have been invovled in missions since our move to Ethiopia through my husband, who has been working as with the local Lutheran church here (the Evangelical Ethiopian Church Mekane Yesus/EECMY), often as a volunteer staff, since 1995. I am also involved in leadership in our congregation in Ethiopia, Redeemer International Congregation of the EECMY.

You can see our Resonate profile at Gail and Yonas Gorfe (

I am currently open to new career opportunities to use my skills and talents to support othes and expand to my knowledge.


I enjoy board games, small DIY projects, reading & learning. I am currently considering to pursue a Doctorate in Business Administration, but would need funding! If you know how to go about that, let me know!