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Geri Witt

About Me: 

I worked as worship planner for several years, then asked to work as secretary. After a few years as worship coordinator and administrative work combined, I am now working as admin assistant to pastors and council and office manager. I am a busy wife and mother to three awesome young adults, and rely on God for EVERYTHING. He gets me through.


I love singing, reading, walking, hanging out with my family and visiting with friends.

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I have 'mostly complete' VBS materials to give away. i.e. I don't want to store any of it...?

I would like to give away used VBS materials. They're mostly complete, and if it's missing something I think it's noted inside the box. It's free for the taking, just contact me. If you have any suggestions about what to do with VBS material once it has been used, please feel free to drop in and make a comment. Thank you! List of materials: VBS Materials available from Immanuel CRC Discover the Untamed Nature of God WILDWOOD FOREST . Colorado Springs, CO: David C. Cook, 2008. SonWORLD Adventure Park VBS. Ventura, CA: Gospel Light, 2008. Lights Out VBS Skits DVD is missing. Cokesbury VBS...
  • Thank you, Fred and Bonnie!

    One more question- Fred mentioned that his church can pay for each application. 

    If you have background checks in your church ministry, do you pay for...

  • That was beautiful in so many ways!

  • I am so thrilled to hear this! I grew up in this church, and 45 years ago it would have changed my life to be in church where they were praying with "eyes open". (In other words, I would have...

  • Immanuel CRC in Ripon has a long history of opening her doors to the community during the weeks leading up to Christmas, as well as multiple options for members to reach out and give to those in...

  • And we couldn't do our training in the local churches with out YOU! Thank you for your webinars and posts about Safe Church! I recently used some of your resources for an on-line training form for...

  • Peg, you can use your personal account. then invite yourself at your church email to share a folder or document. Then share that folder with the council members. When I upload new agendas for...

  • Last year our council began storing documents on Google Drive. As the Admin Assistant, and the person who assists the chair and pastor with agendas, document collection and putting together the...

  • My husband's favorite as well!

    posted on: A Cure for Busy
  • Thank you, Kim! I've attended several webinars, and you were always gracious--even in the midst of technical issues, you gave us the assurance that it would all be handled, and it always was! God...

  • Happy birthday, NETWORK! 

    Your articles/postings will often inspire, educate and bring people together who are working together in their church, neighborhood and the world. Thank you!