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Pastors to Teach in Moldova

I have gone 15 times to Moscow to teach at a Bible College that was under Campus Crusades umbrella. I will most likely be heading there again to teach Gen - Deut (Oct. 18-29, 2010). I would love to see other colleagues of mine consider this 2 week teaching mission.



    Three Muskateers becomes Three Must Go Fears        

  • I appreciate what Nate wrote -- about patience etc.

    However, I think his whole blog article misses the point.  Discipleship making is not a matter of getting the right tool, finding the...

  • Followers today leaders tomorrow

  • Followers Now Leaders Tomorrow

  • Good stuff, sure. But, like so much of what we do as pastors, Jim's article analyzes the Acts scene...and prescribes this for our churches.

    BUT, unless individual people are passionate...