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I am a follower of Christ first and foremost! Like most women, my hats are many... wife, soon-to-be adoptive mother, GEMS co-ordinator, Little Lights Sunday school director, elder, social worker, auntie, home-maker, business owner/director, parent trainer, friend....

My husband and I live in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. We came to the Maple Ridge CRC by way of the Alpha Course in 2004. I met Jesus for the first time as a very young child, but I truly fell in love with Him in 2001. Since that time my whole world view has changed for the better and I have the peace that can only come from knowing Christ!


I have many: crafting, sewing, outdoor activities, GEMS, Little Lights, camping, travel, music - listening not playing :) , books,

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How does your church promote the growth of Cadet Club?

Our Cadet club has been shrinking for the last several years. We have terrific co-ordinator who truly loves the ministry and the boys, but it seems like each year there are less and less boys who attend. I am wondering what other CRCs have done to promote their Cadet clubs and increase their membership. Is this a denomination wide problem, or is it just our goup? I wonder if a name change would help....??? Any ideas would be great! Yours in Christ, Grace
  • Alpha was the way that God lead my husband to Christ, and solidified my love for Christ. I attended in 2003 and have been an active member ever since. My husband attended in 2004 and also has...