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Task Survey / Gift Survey

One of the sessions at the Disability Concerns Conference I went to talked about a different kind of gift survey they did in their church, where they matched people up with a specific task and what the member offered to do. I was wondering if I could have that list of tasks so I can help develop one for our church.

Disability Concerns
  • I like the idea of asking that question, because if we can't answer it for our selves how do we expect our kids to stay in the CRC with us.

  • Hi this would have been good to listen to, but I was informed of it to late, maybe a little more notice would be good. And in the archive part of it is missing.

  • I would love to have a copy . Thanks Grace

  • Morning Milissa;

    I was at the dissability Conference in Kitchener, at one of the sessions. And a person talked about a gift survey their church did where they asked the people of their...

  • I would love some kind of traing as I'm a new Deacon. I was told the first year is just to observe and you'll learn what you need to know, but I want more. I've already read the book " The Deacon'...

  • Hi Liz:

    Yes we're still in the Hagersville church. Just looked up when the conference is and found out it's on the same day as the coffee breack rally. Now I need to decide which to go to....