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Greg Sinclair

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I am the Project Manager for the Salaam Project, a new ministry initiative among CRCNA agencies to encourage outreach to the Muslim world.


Other cultures and languages, ethnic foods, running, biking, camping. Biographies.

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A Christmas Reflection

In comparing Sura 19 of the Quran with Luke 2, we see the difference between Jesus being born as a mere man and Jesus being born as the Son of God—the long awaited Messiah.

Muslim Ministry
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  • Thank you Michelle we really need your perspective on these matters. Certainly our Reformed theology points to the depravity of all people and how easy we can be coaxed into evil (the Nazis as an...

  • Hi Roger, thank you for your comments and for this discussion. I think the answer to some of your questions is found in the writing of Lesslie Newbigin. Newbigin has both liberal and evangelical...

  • Hi Dan thanks for your comments. They are very perceptive. In light of that I have been watching my Muslim friends and they seem to proclaim their faith quite openly without getting into the same...

  • Thanks Roger for contributing to the discussion. I appreciate where you are coming from and we need to continue this kind of dialogue (intra-faith dialogue).

  • You have some good insights Roger and I understand your position. I noticed this at the Parliament of World Religions as Christianity fit into that community (from my perspective) as an ethical...

  • Thanks Jason for filling in a little more about common grace. I was mainly thinking of dialogue situations, and civic events like the one referred to in my post. Interfaith worship events are...

  • Excellent rebuttal Izaak. I am glad to see we are on topic.  Not everyone agrees with the doctrine of common grace. I believe the Protestant Reformed Church rejected this doctrine. According to...

  • Thanks Jason for staying "on topic" and for your thoughts on this. You nail the tension in the universalist approach of some groups. It is important that we can declare Jesus as the way, truth and...

  • Thank you for raising this concern. I am not sure a post like this would make it on to the agenda of the EIRC but I will bring it to the attention of one of the members.