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Greg Sinclair

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I am the Project Manager for the Salaam Project, a new ministry initiative among CRCNA agencies to encourage outreach to the Muslim world.


Other cultures and languages, ethnic foods, running, biking, camping. Biographies.

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A Christmas Reflection

In comparing Sura 19 of the Quran with Luke 2, we see the difference between Jesus being born as a mere man and Jesus being born as the Son of God—the long awaited Messiah.

Muslim Ministry
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Respectful Witness to Refugees

In talking with Christians who are sponsoring Muslim refugees, I sense that they are sensitive to not using coercion in their witness. But sometimes they are also holding back from a robust witness. 

Muslim Ministry
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The Reformers and Islam

While we continue to heed the theological caution of the Reformers as they faced the Islamic faith on the borders of Europe, we need to seek new opportunities to engage with our Muslim neighbors.

Global Mission
  • Thank you for the comment. We are actively working at partnerships and collaborative work with our brothers and sisters all over the world and trying to avoid the paternalistic approaches of the...

  • Good question Larry. Given our current structure I wouldn't recommend merging but we do need to coordinate more, and as a church see social justice as part of the mission of the church. So the...

  • There are a few misunderstandings about the Peer 2 Peer interfaith network evident in this post. If "name withheld" wishes to reach out to me and discuss this I am happy to do that. Blessings.

  • Thanks for the reference to Brene Brown. I should learn more from her. Practical theology is multi-disciplinary and we can learn much from these other areas.

  • My understanding of Christus Victor as a theory of atonement is that it takes the focus off of the penal substitutionary death of Christ (not to say that is wrong but a different focus) and puts...

  • Hi Kent,

    Glad you resonated with this post. I know only of the work of Werner Mischke who I met at a COMMA (Coalition of Ministries to Muslims in (North) America) conference awhile back....

  • The dilemma I face is that my evangelical friends (mostly Baptists) have more success motivating people towards personal sharing of their faith through an "it all depends on you" Arminian type of...

    posted on: We Don't Own Jesus
  • Yes I believe in the sovereignty of God in this process and love Luke 10:9 "Heal the sick who are there and tell them, 'The Kingdom of God has come near to you.'"


    posted on: We Don't Own Jesus
  • Beautiful article Shannon - thank you for pointing us to the sovereign work of God and away from evangelical individualism that puts the onus on us and then gives us the glory (look at the good...

    posted on: We Don't Own Jesus
  • Hi Barbara. Thanks for sharing. Relationships and love are so important. Can you share with me the link also for the academic based site? I want to do a report on Scriptural Reasoning for our...