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Daughter of the King who blessed me with faithful parents, wife to one of our denomination's finest Ministers of the Word (yes, I am biased!), mother to three, teacher (various levels and disciplines over the years), certified birth doula and Mission Developer with the Mission Activators of Classis Quinte Home Missions.  

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A Needed Gift

“A needed gift!” was the resounding refrain from the pastors' wives who gathered in Toronto for the fifth CRC Pastors’ Spouses conference. Our theme was “Face to Face: Becoming Brighter and More Beautiful”.

  • Hey Allen, thanks for the post. Your words resonated with my heart and connected with some of the ideas I just expressed ("IN the world, not OF it" (Community Engagement/Evangelism)). A lack of...

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  • I am looking forward to being connected with this initiative! 

  • Wouldn't it be so much easier if obedience looked the same every time? Easier, yes. Biblical, no. One-size fits all obedience is one of the ways I see Christians creating gaps that distance us...

  • Thanks for your comments, Alex. I agree entirely, as I tried to express in the posting, that these are traits all leaders are in various stages of developing, rather than a benchmark that must be...

  • As you rightly say, John, its hard to escape the scriptural importance of 'teaching' as part of leadership. Titus 2 uses the term over and over when describing the leadership role Titus is to play...

  • Hi Melissa,
    I am so glad you raised that issue! I am currently coaching an ordained, female, CRC chaplain who gave a sigh and said "Why didn't my husband know about this event?" and I felt...

    posted on: A Needed Gift
  • Thanks, Louis, for the encouragement. I've only been at this a short while and already the connections that have been made with those in our broader community are a strong motivator in continuing...

  • Wow, Jolanda! Gathering all those posts makes it even easier to navigate our way to helpful materials. Thanks. 

  • Thanks for this interesting post, Jolanda!

  • Hi Larry,

    As the Section Administrator for Leadership Development, I wanted to say "Thanks!" for your posting. It's great to see a name other than my own in this neck of the woods. Traffic...