Hans Visser

About Me: 

I was born in Opperdoes, North Holland. My family immigrated in 1949. I soon met Lina Wikkerink and were married in 1956. We farmed north of Taber for 52 years and raised 5 children. We now have 19 grandchildren, 12 great-grandchildren and 2 on the way. We are members of the Taber CRC and served on concil for 25 years.


-Volunteer chaplin in local senior homes.

-volunteering at an orphanage in Mexico

-Spending time with family


  • In John 21 we read JESUS and Peter went for a walk, were JESUS  gave Peter a job to do, proclaim ME, the apostle John was following, Peter asked JESUS, "what about him" JESUS said never mind I am...

  • Thank you all for the lively discussion about the loss of membership in the c.r.c.In my origional comment  #1 spirit filled  worship, and #2 biblical preaching. I need to add, that unfortunately...

  • The task of church leadership and Pastors is #1 Spirit filled worship, worship HIM as our only Lord and saviour, be faithfull..

    #2 Preaching the WORD, the spirit will do the rest.


  • In order to continue to receive the Lord's blessing we as a denomination need to be true to what God's word, the bible is teaching us. When we start messing around with questions, "Were Adam and...

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