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Harry Boessenkool

About Me: 

Born '45, started work F/T '61 (Banking), Married '68, retired '02. Joanne and I have 5 children expanded by 5 daughters-in law and 12 grandchildren. Post retirement: 5 months Russian American Christian University Moscow, Russia, 7 years Christian Stewardship Services (Canadian equivalent of Barnabas). Served on Christian School Boards in Ontario, Alberta and BC. Served on BTGMI Board (2005-2012), Serving: The King's Christian University Foundation Investment Committee,  Board Christian Scholars International, Toronto. and as Financial Consultant to various projects and people.


Joanne and I have visited all the key overseas locations of BTGMI on our own time and expense. Our passion is Christian Education and ministry via partnerships worldwide.

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Organization structure of CRCNA SPACT Report agenda 2014

There is a lengthy and thorough report of this committee. At the end of the agenda item there is a request for input which I assume to be for synod delegates to complete. I wonder if those of us in the pew can participate in this? Do we need a new post for this? It is a complicated report yet of great importance to the CRCNA. Harry Boessenkool
CRCNA and Synod
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Validating voting members at Synod

How are participants (voting members) of synod validated? Does someone make sure they have signed the form of subscription? And if not (and I understand from an overutre that some members of the CRC are not willing to sign this form) what other procedure is used? Just curious.
CRCNA and Synod
  • What interesting way of putting all this. Like you, I grew up on farm in Southern Alberta and hoed sugar beets for seven years (spring and part of summer) between the ages 9 and sixteen. No...

  • I agree with August. I do follow another routine during the year though. I enter the charity number of the organization that is asking for the funds into the CRA website. It provides lots of...

  • I would like to enter this news release from The King's University in Edmonton Alberta.


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  November 19, 2018 New Statement on Inclusion for The King’s...

  • This article contributes to the very problem you are identifying i.e:

    ""If you are like me, six years after the launch of this idea, the hype around #GivingTuesday is starting to get...


    Thanks for this discussion. I have wondered if Pareto's rule:   20/80 (20% of churches raise 80% of the funds) this rule can apply to many more situations.  Somewhere in the church's info...

  • This is a very comprehensive document that will require a lot of study and explanation. One question to which the denomination has a pretty accurate answer and I would like to see how it squares...


    This is a critical discussion in almost all denominations and many charities. In our culture of "selfies" it is difficult to find common pursuits. As the article mentions if it "touches...

  • I wonder if we can move this discussion to the impact of how the CRC Pension Fund deals with the issue of salary. 

    Colin in fact raises the question by having "only" a salary.  I understand...

  • Thanks John that is very helpful. I am 3/4 way through the book "Unveiling Islam" by Ergun Mehmet Caner and Emir Fethi Caner. Published by  Kregel Publications  in 2002. The sub title is "An...

  • This is a very interesting topic. Here is an email I sent to Craig Bartholomew a year or so ago which deals with the issue in reverse, i.e. the Qur'an being translated into English using scripture...