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Harry Boessenkool

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Born '45, started work F/T '61 (Banking), Married '68, retired '02. Joanne and I have 5 children expanded by 5 daughters-in law and 12 grandchildren. Post retirement: 5 months Russian American Christian University Moscow, Russia, 7 years Christian Stewardship Services (Canadian equivalent of Barnabas). Served on Christian School Boards in Ontario, Alberta and BC. Served on BTGMI Board (2005-2012), Serving: The King's Christian University Foundation Investment Committee,  Board Christian Scholars International, Toronto. and as Financial Consultant to various projects and people.


Joanne and I have visited all the key overseas locations of BTGMI on our own time and expense. Our passion is Christian Education and ministry via partnerships worldwide.

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Organization structure of CRCNA SPACT Report agenda 2014

There is a lengthy and thorough report of this committee. At the end of the agenda item there is a request for input which I assume to be for synod delegates to complete. I wonder if those of us in the pew can participate in this? Do we need a new post for this? It is a complicated report yet of great importance to the CRCNA. Harry Boessenkool
CRCNA and Synod
  • "Just Decide Already! Can’t We Just Vote and Move On?"

    We have just done that and moved out. After 75 years I think we have been very patient. We still care but not enough to stay.

  • This info is from 2014. Can it be updated. Also how about a sheet for Canada.  Thx

  • I have a question of a general nature. How many non ordained employees of the CRCNA in Canada or the USA are responsible for raising their own salaries and expenses? I am thinking of people like...

  • How does the CRCNA handle the moving costs of a non ordained person to a foreign country?

    That is on the way out. What about returning from that assignment after, say, 20 years?


  • I do not intend to be irreverent, but I believe there is no census taking in heaven. It is a big deal here on earth in every part of our lives. 

  • Consult Calvin University and review all of the CRCNA year books they have in their Library. If you start in 1980 and review all of them till 2020 it might show a trend in  what year how many ...

  • Given the current circumstances I wonder if now is a good time to discuss this issue again?  As a denomination it might be a good idea to see if COVID changes the how people attend church going...

  • The number ministries and logo's in the CRCNA are becoming overwhelming.  And to think we have find Canadian versions of this as show we have some say (based on Canada Revenue rules...

  • Hi Nate... this is a good question.

    Missionaries who work for Resonate have to prepare an annual program budget.

    That budget forms the basis of the support they need. So each...

  • This is a wonderful report which gives me a chance to see what the church is doing in the world. 

    This report becomes extremely important for our congregations as we transition to a new...