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I'm a daughter of the king, mom, learner, photographer, dancer, memory-keeper, and worshiper, enjoying the dance of faith and the journey called life.

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The Tangible Kingdom

I'm wondering if there are any CRC churches that are transitioning to 'missional' along the lines that Hugh Halter proposes in his books with Matt Smay: The Tangible Kingdom and The Gathered and Scattered Church.

Church Planting
  • I have tried to send this as a pesonal email through the network site, but it won't go through, so I'm posting it here. . .

    Hi Allen,
    Read your last post and wanted to take it "off-...

    posted on: What is "Sonship"?
  • I believe that the conversation about language and how we tell the story should be part of every thread, so that we think carefully about how we use language and how we engage with those who may...

    posted on: What is "Sonship"?
  • I agree that we can argue about words until the cows come home. We are not talking about the word 'man', we are talking about the word son.

    And quoting a list of scriptures does not prove...

    posted on: What is "Sonship"?
  • Are you advocating that we take whatever words we find in the modern english translations of our bible and make them mean whatever we like? Son means male. Sonship means relationships between...

    posted on: What is "Sonship"?
  • Thank you for the background - I did understand the biblical reference and the emphasis on adoption and the freedom that comes from being united with Christ. I'm not surprised that a study on this...

    posted on: What is "Sonship"?
  • I would never use it and am surprised that you are recommending anything with the title "Sonship".

    Seriously. . .do we still need to have the conversation about how language "speaks", and...

    posted on: What is "Sonship"?
  • I would be interested in dialoguing with others about how to update or reframe the lectionary for missional congregations. Anyone out there have thoughts/ideas and willing to chat about that?