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I was born and raised in Sarnia, studied mostly in Toronto, and have spent the last 25 years earning a living and raising a family in St.Catharines. I am a renovator by trade. I am a charter member of Jubilee Fellowship CRC and have served on its worship committee and music teams much of that time. My father, Herman, was a church organist and choir director. I continue my own, long-term love for church music and worship.


Outside of work and church and home, my interests include singing in Chorus Niagara, canoeing and camping, photography, web and database design.

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So we're heading out to go to the Symposium. Save travels to all fellow goers. Is there going to be a 'Network' desk somewhere on Calvin's campus where we can, like, network?
  • I don't know. Around here if someone tells me that all this cold weather and snow we've been having is normal for this time of year I don't think it's meant in the sense of being prescriptive....

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  • Normal is a perfectly acceptable and helpful description of worship practices in any local congregation. But "normal" should never be prescriptive. In fact, the radical nature of christianity will...

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  • The quickest way to find what you're looking for on http://www.worshipanew.net/visuals/installation/Annunciation.shtml is to use the Search facility. Eg. search for 'jubilee lent banner' to zero...

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  • Of all of the experiences Wendy and I shared at the Worship Symposium, our worship and personal interaction with The Psalm Project was the most exciting and uplifting. Thank you Emily Brink for...

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  • I compare worship service to camping. Both are recreating, and both serve to draw attention to God and to His creation. Both force you to put yourself aside and to go with the flow.


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  • Jubilee Fellowship CRC has a list of "songs in order of frequency sung" on its website for liturgists and music teams to consult when preparing worship services. This list serves to guard against...