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Henry DeMoor

About Me: 

Retired from the seminary on August 31, 2010. Served 24 years as Professor of Church Polity, eight of those with the additional responsibility of VP for Academic Affairs. Served at Synod of the CRCNA for two years as a delegate and for twenty years as an adviser. 

Recent Comments:
  • The best thing to do here is for Ben to read the Agenda of Synod 2015, the report on deacons and elders.  It has an explanation for all things being proposed and is a much more trustworthy source... view

  • I was just asked to tell someone when Art. 73 was amended.

  • Article 73 (and many others) were amended in 2015.  You can find the Acts of Synod under Synod Resources from the CRCNA website.  Acts 2015, pages 663-668.  The amendments were proposed by a Study... view