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Henry DeMoor

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Retired from the seminary on August 31, 2010. Served 24 years as Professor of Church Polity, eight of those with the additional responsibility of VP for Academic Affairs. Served at Synod of the CRCNA for two years as a delegate and for twenty years as an adviser. 

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Church Order Article 73

Church Order Article 73 (along with many others) was amended by Synod 2015. See Acts of Synod 2015 pp. 663-668 (available at the CRC website under Synod Resources).

Church Order
  • Jeff,

    No, I don't believe that was the point in 1975.  The point was that whatever authority synod claims on a particular issue, the wording of the decision should speak for itself.  So it'...

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  • Everyone,

    On this Thanksgiving weekend I want to express to all of you my gratitude for your insightful contributions responding to my "challenge."

    I believe that what we need from...

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  • Josh,

    It looks like we will need to agree on what "respecting" a decision means.  It does not mean obeying what a synod has declared.  If it did, our having a negative vote recorded means...

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  • Yes, Dan, but only if a synod of the CRCNA has made this a confessional issue.  Currently it is a position that we have adopted and synod has called that "pastoral advice" to the churches.  So the...

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  • No, Dan, I'm not saying that at all.

    If you believe and express the belief that all people are saved, your belief would be in conflict with our confessions, namely, the Canons of Dort (e.g...

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  • Dan,

    That is not my premise.

    My premise is that no synod thus far in CRC history has insisted that officebearers at the local level apply discipline.

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  • Yes, Paul, thanks.  That is exactly how this thread began.  My challenge on the church political dimension of the much larger issue.  Because, again, synod itself declares how authoritatively it...

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  • No, it is not a matter of original intent.  How Ursinus thought about these things is irrelevant.  What is relevant is what the Christian Reformed Church's synods have said about the Q&A of...

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  • An old man making space for sin.

    Just a tad ad hominem and slightly overboard among brothers in Christ, don't you think?

    Let's keep this respectful please.



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  • Appreciate the honest question, so I'll give you an honest answer.

    I think it would be best to allow everyone to interpret the two words in the Heidelberg Catechism as they see fit and give...

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