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About Me: 

I am a follower of Christ, a spouse/father/grandfather, and a life-long CRC member.  Raised in Ontario, I also have lived in Alberta, Michigan, and Iowa.  I have a PhD in Canadian history, taught and served in administration at Dordt College for 20 years, and was President of Redeemer University College from 2010 to 2016.  My spouse and I now live in Strathroy, ON, Canada.


My passion is to understand the world in the light of Christ, and to be and enable others to be a Kingdom presence in the world.  Areas of special interest are History of Canada, Aboriginal peoples, the Muslim world, the Church, and all things Reformed;  social justice and public policy;  education and innovation;  and organizational development. 

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Canada 150. Now What?

As Reformed Christians, we can view “Canada 150” as a celebration of Canada as a nation, but we should do more than this. Let's take this opportunity to ask, "How can we live out our faith in new and exciting ways?"

Ministry in Canada
  • Thanks, Bernadette.  Great post!  I expect that there are as many stories to Canada's history -- many of them painful -- as there are different people groups and cultures.  I'm reminded of John's...

  • Hi Elly;

    Amen to that!  As you say, one of the best ways to to commemorate Canada 150 is to show God's love to our neighbours, right in our local communities.  A small drop in the bucket...