Jack Kooyman

About Me: 

I was born in 1953 as the third and final child of John and Elizabeth Kooyman in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My parents were Dutch immigrants who came to the U.S. shortly after World War II. I grew up in Grand Rapids attending both public and Christian schools--graduating from Grand Rapids (East) Christian High School in 1972. I began working full-time for Zondervan Publishing soon after graduating from high school--I had no interest in or plans to attend college at the time. I was laid off from this job early in 1973. After being unable to find "gainful" employment, I decided to attend Kuyper College (fka Reformed Bible College) and ended up graduating with a bachelor's degree in religous education (B.R.E.). 

After college, my wife Debbie (Groeneveld)--whom I married during my Junior year of college--and I moved to Denver to live and work with adolescent boys who had been removed from their homes by the court. While in Denver, I began attending Denver Seminary—fka Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary. After two years in Denver, we moved back to the Grand Rapids area where I served a local RCA Congregation as the Minister of Youth and Education for about two years. I then continued my seminary education as a part-time student at Calvin Theological Seminary (CTS) for the next few years. While attending CTS, I began serving as the Executive Director of Degage Ministries (a ministry with the homeless community in Grand Rapids, Michigan).

While at CTS and working at Degage, I eventually realized I was not called to ministry within the local church and suspended my seminary education. Among other things, I realized that my gifts were more in the areas of administration and organizational leadership as well as development. As a result, I began graduate studies in management at Aquinas College in GR and then transferred to Western Michigan University where I completed a M.A. in Educaltional Leadership.

From 1987 - 1994 I served as an administrator at a small college (Jordan College) which closed its doors in 1995.

After leaving the college, I was hired to serve as the first full-time Executive Director of Camp Tall Turf (aka Tall Turf Ministries), a Christian urban youth ministry with a mission focussed on racial reconciliation and youth leadership development. I served in this position from 1994 - 2013.

I presently serve as Executive Director for The Holland Deacons' Conference


Reading just about anything that is somehow edifying; Having conversations with friends over coffee/tea/chai, etc; Blogging and reading blogs of interest.

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What Changes for Deacons?

Instead of functioning largely as "lone rangers", the approved changes invite deacons to equip and provide opportunities for members of the congregation to participate in diaconal work. 

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